Varifocal & Bifocal Lenses

Varifocal lenses are also known as Progressive and Every Distance lenses as they change prescription gradually from long distance in the top through an intermediate power to a reading power at the bottom. So your eyes get the prescription you need for whatever you are looking at, be it reading, computer work or driving.

Unlike the bifocal there is no line separating the prescriptions so they are cosmetically more attractive, and are now the most popular choice. They give you the convenience of having great vision at all distances in just one pair of glasses.

Modern varifocal designs can be manufactured in a bespoke fashion to take into account of what you want out of the lens, your facial characteristics and attributes of the frame to ensure that you receive the best vision possible.

Varifocal Demonstration Centre

As an accredited Varilux Specialist Optician we are able to demonstrate Varilux Varifocal lenses to you either by showing you a computer simulation of wearing the lens or by using Virtual Reality for you to experience for yourself the benefits of the lens. Combining this with our experience means that we can accurately determine which will be the ideal Varilux lens for you.

Bifocal Lenses

Bifocal lenses are an alternative to varifocals, but don't offer the same degree of versatility. They work by having a prescription for reading in the bottom of the lens and  the distance prescription in the top of the lens.

With a distinct line between the reading and distance portions of the lens they can provide excellent vision for these distances but are cosmetically not as attractive as varifocals. People often comment that activities at arms length such as computer work and cooking can sometimes be out of focus.


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