What’s Included

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Optimum Eye Examination: Your vision deserves the best care. Enjoy regular Optimum Eye Examinations to ensure your eyes are in top condition.

care plan , chapman opticians

Pro-Active Disease Detection: We use cutting-edge digital imaging and analysis to detect eye diseases at their earliest stages, enhancing your chances of effective treatment and prevention.

care plan , chapman opticians

Emergency Advice: Rest easy knowing that you have access to emergency advice from our expert team when you need it most.

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Video and Telephone Consultations: Our convenient video and telephone consultations allow you to seek professional guidance from the comfort of your home.

care plan , chapman opticians

Ocular condition monitoring:  We keep a watchful eye on your ocular health, ensuring that any changes are promptly addressed.

care plan , chapman opticians

Exclusive discounts: Enjoy a 20% discount on both spectacles and sunglasses, allowing you to accessorize with style while caring for your eyes.

care plan , chapman opticians

Flexible payment options: Spread the cost of your eyewear with our interest-free monthly payment plan for all glasses.

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Invest in your visual health with our Care Plan – it’s an affordable way to receive exceptional eye care and valuable discounts. To sign up, simply contact your nearest branch. Your vision is our priority, and we’re here to provide you with personalised care that fits your lifestyle.

At Chapman Opticians, we understand that every patient has unique needs and preferences, so if you prefer, you can simply pay as you go for the eye care services you need.

contact us , policies , supervised tasks , Health & Safety Policy , contact lenses

Exceptional service from a knowledgeable, dedicated team who provide the best customer experience.  I am thrilled with the glasses and their eco-friendly credentials…compliments galore, too!  Special mention to Sam who is so professional and personable. Highly recommend

J. Homer