Prescription Sunglasses & Polarised Lenses

We offer a wide range of Prescription Sunglasses across our practices.

With prescription sunglasses available from many designer names we can provide your eyes with essential protection from  harmful UV rays, fantastic clarity of vision and an enviable superstar image.

The ideal lenses for any sunglass are polarised lenses which are available as standard reading or distance lenses as well as varifocal or bifocal. These are dedicated sun lenses which cut out the glare from reflected light. When light bounces off surfaces such as roads and water it generally reflects horizontally causing glare, the Polarised filters in the lenses then filters out this light reducing glare dramatically.

Especially good for driving, polarised lenses are becoming more and more popular. Our complete designer sunspec package includes polarised lenses come at very competitive prices, so you can look good in the sun and be safe.

Just watch the video to see how good they really are.

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