We’ve got news hotter than a freshly brewed cuppa – your trusty opticians are shaking things up! You might have noticed a twinkle of change in the air lately, and guess what? It’s us, donning our DIY hats and jazzing up our Wednesbury practice!

We’re not just about new paint and snazzy furniture – oh no! We’re hitting the rebrand button too. Yep, it’s us, your favourite opticians, but with an extra splash of pizzazz.

You might ask, “Why fix what ain’t broke?” Well, why not add a cherry on top of something already fabulous? Think of it like getting a haircut – you’re still you, just with a swankier ‘do!

What’s in store, you ask? Oh, just the latest and greatest in eyewear trends, the snazziest frames, and service that’s as top-notch as always – because some things never change!

So, swing by our freshly revamped store – trust us, it’s worth the stroll. Whether you’re in for a check-up, fancy some new specs, or just want a chinwag, we’ve got you covered.

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Exceptional service from a knowledgeable, dedicated team who provide the best customer experience.  I am thrilled with the glasses and their eco-friendly credentials…compliments galore, too!  Special mention to Sam who is so professional and personable. Highly recommend

J. Homer