2014 Glasses Trends

Eyewear – Past, Present & Future: Wearable Eye Technology

What is the future of wearable eye technology? 

Google Glass is one of the latest trends in wearable computer technology. Ironic really, as glasses used to be cutting edge technology when they were first developed. Imagine the cachet of having a pair of eyeglasses or a contact lens. Perhaps it was the equivalent of being an i-phone early adopter, you never know.

Read small, read far!

It was some time between 1220 and 1235 that optical lenses were used to help ‘read the smallest letters at incredible distances.’ Some twenty years later lenses were actually being made.  So you may not have realised it but glasses have been around for over 800 years! For more detailed history click here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glasses

The ‘eyeshave it! 

Did you know the Chinese were wearing sunglasses in the 12th century and the Inuit have always made use of smoky quart to prevent snow blindness? Therefore Google Glass comes from a long line of innovation and technology. By the end of the 13th century eyeglasses were being made as a matter of course. Although it has been suggested that India was at the forefront of technology in this area.

Make a fashion statement as well as being able to read one! 

Now we are entering a time where developments in eye surgery, lightweight materials and other enhancements are changing how we see and the ease with which we incorporate  ‘reading the smallest letters at incredible distances’.

We are not content to hold an eyeglass or have them pinching our noses. These days we want to make a fashion statement as well as being able to read one!

Incredibly, attitudes to glasses have turned full circle.

Forget the sexist adage: ‘People never make passes at girls who wear glasses!’ Now men and women are wearing non- prescription, plain glass spectacles as a fashion accouterment. It’s not surprising really, as glasses are fantastic. The range and style of lenses and frames mean you can create the look that accentuates your eye colour, bone structure, facial features and even choice of outfit.

Eye-wateringly expensive! 

Elton John is a famous advocate and his glasses collection is legendary. Some of his pairs are actually insured for as much as £5000. Some people are even prepared to pay $17 000 for a pair, just like the Hard Rock Café did four years ago! Some say Elton’s collection might be worth somewhere in the region of $50 million which is an eye-watering sum in itself!

Think of the celebs that really promote glass wearing. Johnny Depp would be one, Gok Wan another. What about Audrey Hepburn, Diane Keaton or even Buddy Holly? Does anyone want to mention Austin Powers?  OK, we’ll move on!

Fashion frames might give you the edge.

Whatever your desire regarding a fashion statement, contemporary glasses have got it covered. An experienced optician will be able to offer advice on combining fashion with practical considerations and also balancing the frames with your face. What suits Lady Gaga may not have quite the same impact. Yet another choice of fashion frame might even give you the edge!

Fashion trends in eyewear 2014

Forbes http://www.forbes.com/sites/rachelhennessey/2013/11/08/the-hottest-trends-in-eyewear-for-2014/ rounded up 2014’s fashion trends , so if you don’t know what they are think: Instagram, Mathematical, Ocean and Gardens. Yes, glasses are inspired by nature and technology. They have their own palettes of blue, aqua and teal. You can choose mathematical, industrial or intellectual too. That’s the beauty of contemporary frames you are not limited by choice. We no longer subscribe to the Henry Ford philosophy: ‘You can have any colour as long as it’s black.

Image courtesy of Rachel Hennessey