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Do I Need Glasses?

Change your Glasses Change your View

During the winter, light levels in general can be low. Many people find it more of a struggle to see clearly especially during these months. Insufficient task lighting can mean everything is more difficult. You can improve things considerably by having an eye test and ensuring you have the right glasses. Glasses will actually make a massive difference to a wearer’s life. Essentially they function by correcting what is termed: ‘errors of refraction’... Read more [...]
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Can Cheap Glasses Affect Health?

Research confirms cheap glasses affect health

Buying cheap “off the peg” ready made reading glasses may damage your eyesight according to research carried out by ‘Which’ consumer magazine which reveals that the majority of self-prescribed glasses affect health. Independent research In their research, ‘Which’ checked 18 pairs of glasses from high street stores and they found problems with almost half of them... Read more [...]
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Colour Blindness: Symptoms, Causes and Diagnosis

About Colour Blindness

What is colour blindness? Colour blindness is a condition that affects a significant percentage of the population. It is the inability to perceive colour differences under normal conditions and the decreased ability to see colour. It is not actual blindness and many people who are colour blind are still able to see objects clearly, but there is a deficiency of colour vision. Colour blindness can change a life Colour blindness can change a life and it makes reading and learning harder for children and young adults and it makes pursuing certain careers impossible... Read more [...]
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What An Eye Test Can Detect

Eye Tests Are Crucial For Health

According to a 2010 survey by Mintel, 1 in 5 adults admit to either rarely having an eye test or never having one at all. For many people an eye test can be a distraction; if you don’t think you need glasses then why bother going to see an optician? However this doesn’t tell the full story and an eye test can reveal much more about your health than just your eyesight. An eye test can detect a range of poor health conditions including diabetes Far from simply assessing your need for glasses, an eye test can detect conditions such as diabetes... Read more [...]
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What is Presbyopia?

Signs of Presbyopia

Presbyopia is the medical term for long-sightedness that is associated with age. So what is Presbyopia? Well, it is not a disease, or a condition but more a natural part of the aging process in which the eyes struggle to focus on near objects. The initial symptoms are problems in changing focus from an object in the distance to a near by object, blurred vision (when viewing close objects), eyestrain after close-up work (especially in dim light) and occasionally double vision and headaches... Read more [...]
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What Causes Blurred Vision?

Blurred Vision?

Blurred vision isn’t something that should be ignored. Whilst tiredness or a common cold could be an occasional cause, regular episodes of blurred vision could be caused by something else, and could lead to more serious problems. We take a look at some of the most common causes of blurred vision and what can be done about them.

Refractive Eye Conditions

Refractive eye conditions are a common cause of blurred vision and include myopia (short sightedness), hyperopia (long sightedness) and astigmatism (where both distances cause a problem)... Read more [...]