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2014 Glasses Trends

Eyewear – Past, Present & Future: Wearable Eye Technology

What is the future of wearable eye technology?  Google Glass is one of the latest trends in wearable computer technology. Ironic really, as glasses used to be cutting edge technology when they were first developed. Imagine the cachet of having a pair of eyeglasses or a contact lens. Perhaps it was the equivalent of being an i-phone early adopter, you never know. Read small, read far! It was some time between 1220 and 1235 that optical lenses were used to help ‘read the smallest letters at incredible distances... Read more [...]
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Do I Need Glasses?

Change your Glasses Change your View

During the winter, light levels in general can be low. Many people find it more of a struggle to see clearly especially during these months. Insufficient task lighting can mean everything is more difficult. You can improve things considerably by having an eye test and ensuring you have the right glasses. Glasses will actually make a massive difference to a wearer’s life. Essentially they function by correcting what is termed: ‘errors of refraction’... Read more [...]