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presbyopia information

What is Presbyopia?

Signs of Presbyopia

Presbyopia is the medical term for long-sightedness that is associated with age. So what is Presbyopia? Well, it is not a disease, or a condition but more a natural part of the aging process in which the eyes struggle to focus on near objects. The initial symptoms are problems in changing focus from an object in the distance to a near by object, blurred vision (when viewing close objects), eyestrain after close-up work (especially in dim light) and occasionally double vision and headaches... Read more [...]
How to choose glasses

How to Choose Glasses to Suit Your Face

Choosing glasses to suit your face will make all the difference to your overall look

Did you know that the shape of your face will decide which style of glasses will suit you and also which ones won’t? This handy advice will help you determine which type of glasses compliment your facial features, taking into account your face shape.


If you have an oval face you are likely to have a round chin and a round forehead. In fact all aspects of your face are in proportion with each other... Read more [...]