• Free Transitions lenses


    Make the most of the Sunshine by benefitting from a FREE UPGRADE to Transitions lenses, the everyday lens which automatically adjusts from clear to dark and every shade in between.

    Add a new sense of style to your glasses with one of the exciting new lens colours to give you that perfect look.

    Why not go ahead and book your appointment on line now.

    Chapman opticians Free Transitions offer

    Just buy a new pair of Crizal lenses to experience all the benefits of the very latest and fastest reacting Transitions lens ever. You can upgrade completely FREE of charge when you purchase Varilux* and single vision Crizal UV lenses*   Indoors the lenses stay beautifully clear, but when you go outdoors they will automatically darken to provide you with full UV protection and the best comfort in any light.

    The existing colours of brown, iconic green and grey have now been added to with a range of stylecolours in Sapphire, Amber, Emerald and Amethyst, so now you can find the the colour to complement your frame and your face beautifully.

    Transitions style colours

    Why not go ahead and book your appointment on line now.

    *Excludes Varilux Liberty, Varilux Comfort and single vision Crizal Easy lenses.

  • Buy Now PAY LATER

    To help spread the cost of your glasses you can now collect your spectacles as soon as they are ready. You just pay a small downpayment on order and then pay the balance in four easy Direct Debit Payments. So you can have all of the benefits of a brand new pair of glasses without the worries of the cost of them.

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